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All Vermonters are free from the impacts of poverty

Vermonters with disabilities live with dignity in settings they prefer

Estimated employment rate of Vermonters age 18-64 with visual disabilities


Story Behind the Curve

targets are US rates; note high margins of error

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Notes on Methodology

Erickson, W., Lee, C., von Schrader, S. (2017). Disability Statistics from the American Community Survey (ACS). Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Yang-Tan Institute (YTI). Retrieved from Cornell University Disability Statistics website:

This disability type is based on the question (asked of all ages): Is this person blind or does he/she have serious difficulty seeing even when wearing glasses?

'Target' value is national rate. Note high margins of error for estimated state rate. Caution should be used when interpreting a statistic based on small sample sizes or when the Margin Of Error (MOE) is large relative to the estimate. The MOE is a measurement of the accuracy of the statistic. We highly recommend that you indicate the sample size and MOE when reporting a statistic.

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