Create and/or promote ONE location or entry point for diabetes services information and referral. Go Back

Actions and Accomplishments
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Connect with referral specialists at WNCCHS and MAHEC to identify what information they need and what processes will best integrate into clinic workflow.Nov '16Beginning Oct '16
Additional Resources

These are two tools the work group has developed as a first step to accomplishing this strategy:

Buncombe Diabetes Services Map (PDF)- Updated September 2016 This is a big-picture view of what Buncombe County offers - from universal diabetes prevention (like healthy cooking classes) to management and treatment.

Working Google Drive Document Cataloging Diabetes-Related Services in County - Clicking on this link will take you to the working document where YOU CAN EDIT the information for your own programs.

Excel Document Cataloging Diabetes-Related Services in the County - Clicking on this will download the document, but if you want to edit it, you must email the edits to

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