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Why Is This Important?
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Story Behind the Curve

The Queen Anne's County Local Management Board has noticed many unfortunate disparities between whites and people from minority groups. While most believe this to unfair and intolerable we are just beginning to learn that many of the disparities and other related issues regarding race in Queen Anne's County come from a deep seated and pervasive attitude about race. The members and staff of the LMB deeply appreciate the work of the members of the Multi-Cultural Proficiency Committee as they work to help us all look beyond the surface and really consider the minute workings of systemic oppression, even as they influence our own work culture. Positive movement in these areas should improve our dialogue, presentations, messaging, and our personal lives and interactions. Hopefully our increase understanding of our community will help move closer towards our Mission and Results:

Mission Statement

An action-oriented team of community members, families and educators united to improve the cultural competency of the schools, businesses, workplaces and communities in Queen Anne’s County.

Results Statements

  • Communities are working together to solve problems
  • People in the community grow together
  1. Queen Anne's Government
  2. Police
  3. Business Owners
  4. Schools
  5. Students
  6. Government Agencies
  7. Non Profits
  8. Citizens
  9. Realtors
  10. Loan Officers
  11. Churches
  12. Members from other committees working on similar initiatives in County.
  13. Members from other committees working on similar initiatives in the region.
What Works

Determined at June 2017 Strategic Planning Committee Meeting for Focus in Fiscal Year 2018

  • Support and Encourage other committees (Kennard, Chesapeake, Education, Northern County, Break out Committees)
  • Follow the 1989 Mandate
  • Continue the works of the committee to include:
    • wider participation
    • Actively engaged involvement of participants
    • More community trainings and discussion sessions (such as Undoing Racism)
    • Increased intensity around conversations on race
  • Celebration of Diversity in Queen Anne's County
  • Encourage systems throughout the county to become more culturally competent & proficient

Previous list better suited for Education Steering Committee

  1. Increase the number of minority teachers interviewed
  2. Increase the number of minority employees in the county
  3. Hold Multicultural trainings
  4. Hold public meetings to discuss and brainstorm issues
  5. Place more minority professionals & teachers in Queen Anne's County and other leadership positions
  6. Community members are exposed to multiple messages regarding the importance of cultural competence and how to incorporate in their lives
Action Plan
Conversations on Race Committee transitions to focus group

Receive updates from other committees

  • Transportation
  • Housing
  • Corrections/Policing
  • Kennard Alumni
  • Chesapeake

Determine Strategy for dealing with the lists

Determine other strategies for the committee

Previous Action Plan

  • Recruit new teachers at southern colleges known to be traditionally minority colleges
  • Offer feedback to individuals who have been interviewed but not hired
  • Hold community and school multicultural trainings
  • Hold town meeting to discuss community diversity
  • Hold Community Unity building Activities (e.g. unity basketball game with law enforcement)
  • Utilize social media to promote events related to cultural diversity
  • Offer affordable housing options to new minority teachers and other professionals


FY18 Strategy

1. Expand Conversations on race to focus topics such as affordable housing, transportation, corrections etc...

2. Continue to provide trainings in QAC

3. Participate in regional cultural proficiency efforts

4. Support and encourage other local committees to stay focused and achieve results

5. Prioritize other initiatives that arise from Committee members

Previous Goals better suited for Education Steering Committee

Goal 1: Student Discipline-Disproportionate Suspensions

Goal 2: AP and GT-Increase numbers of minority students enrolled

Goal 3: Drop-out Rate/Graduation Rate of Minority Students

Goal 4: Increasing Diversity of Staff

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